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Tornonto, Ontario, Canada
Company Overview
Influicity is used by marketers to manage their influencer networks. Influicity provides access to 10+ million influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and beyond.
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Products and Services


Brands who invest in content want to leverage it across channels — and we make it easy to do that. Influicity offers Amplification across 1000s of premium web properties and social networks. Transform influencer content into IAB-approved ad units and amplify them across the web, with Amplification.
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Audience Insights

Understanding your audience is about more than pretty pictures. Influicity’s data unlocks critical insights on the influencers’ audience. Who they are, where they live, and how they feel. Most importantly, 80% of their data is first-party — that means it comes from their own data science.
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Campaign Management

Managing an influencer campaign is complicated, and there are many moving parts: from briefings to offers and contracts to approvals. And the complexity increases as you scale. Influicity’s campaign management toolset is architected based on years of influencer activations. Some of the most delightful features include the seamless content approvals and slick reporting interface.
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Influencer Search

Influicity is a Hub for searching, accessing profiles, and building your own network of influencers.You can search by category, geography, demographics, or by the influencer’s name. There are no limits to who you can find on Influicity. From Instagram to YouTube, bloggers to movie stars, and so much more. Influicity was updated in 2017 to include tools for qualifying influencers based on audience demographics like occupation, income and citizenship.
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Managed Services

Influicity offers full account management, strategy, influencer audits, and campaign execution.
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