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Austin, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Austin-based Bazaarvoice has developed a user review network that helps retail brands reach and engage consumers, boosting revenue and promoting loyalty. Each month, more than 700 million people participate in the Bazaarvoice network to review products, share opinions, pose and answer product questions and relate personal experiences.
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Products and Services

Bazaarvoice Advertising

Bazaarvoice Advertising is an advertising platform that offers first-party data and targeting capabilities. The solution enables users to reach web and mobile shoppers who have read reviews in their category, brand or product.
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Bazaarvoice Brand Edge

Bazaarvoice Brand Edge enables brand marketers to collect consumer-generated content and distribute it to retail eCommerce sites in the Bazaarvoice Network. The solution puts influential ratings and reviews in front of shoppers in the retail channel and helps brands boost consideration and sales, successfully launch new products and hear customer feedback.
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Bazaarvoice Connections

Bazaarvoice Connections is a platform hosting authentic ratings and reviews and questions and answers on nearly 2,000 retail and brand websites globally. Connections puts the user's brand into those conversations. Connections is an online portal where brands can access and respond to aggregated consumer questions and reviews across retail partner sites in one interface.
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Bazaarvoice Curations

Bazaarvoice Curations is a social media curation platform that builds engaging experiences on the site with high-quality, relevant social content backed by Bazaarvoice's expertise in moderation.
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Bazaarvoice Questions & Answers

Bazaarvoice Questions & Answers allows shoppers to ask questions about your products and get input from experts, brand representatives, and previous purchasers, helping them quickly resolve uncertainties and confirm their decision to buy.
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Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews

Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews empowers your customers to share their opinions and experiences, wherever they shop, and enables you to reach more people and influence more purchases. Collect authentic reviews and photos from your customers, create a richer, more relevant shopping experience on every platform, and inspire more people to purchase.
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Bazaarvoice Sampling

Bazaarvoice Sampling helps you accelerate review collection and multiply conversions. Jumpstart content for new product launches and give existing products an infusion of fresh content. Reward your brand advocates—or leverage the Bazaarvoice TryIt sampling community.
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