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Seattle, Washington, United States
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Etumos is a marketing technology consultancy focused on innovating B2B marketing.
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Products and Services

BuiltWith Lead Enrichment

BuiltWith Lead Enrichment helps you get information on what technologies a prospect uses on their site, including analytics, marketing automation, mail servers, and more. This is the official integration with BuiltWith, giving you real-time technology data enrichment through a native Marketo webhook that gives you data about your prospects’ websites.
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Etumos Verify

Etumos Verify is an email validation solution. It runs a webhook to check whether an email address is valid and email-able, as well as provides more technical details about the email address itself to be used in beneficial ways for the marketing and sales efforts of the organization in which it is implemented.
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FlowBoost is a tool for adding on functions to Marketo. FlowBoost enables users to use the FlowBoost API to enhance and simplify the Marketo experience for individual users or the enterprise. FlowBoost enables users to automatically capitalize names, format phone numbers, add cores together, generate random values or integrate other tools.
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Marketing Technology Consulting

Etumos creates implementations that give you the ability to create personalized and individual marketing that is based on triggers and structured so that it can simplify and strengthen all marketing efforts, and so that programs can be easily replicated for monitoring of new operational programs. Their efforts are especially directed so that projects have consistent benefits for a maximum lifespan, requiring little upkeep or additional efforts from architect-level Marketing Operations employees.
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Marketo Health Audit

Etumos offers a free health audit for your Marketo instance, whether you just inherited it or want a fresh set of eyes on your setup. They schedule a 30 min call to discuss your current instance, pain points, and initiatives. With a week's access to Marketo, they log in and perform a health audit of what you’re doing today and how it could improve. Then, they send over a document containing suggestions and best practices to improve your Marketo instance. They can hop on a call to review it with you and discuss how you can start implementing their suggestions – whether that is with Etumos, in-house, or a tool recommendation.
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