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Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Agency Overview
NetElixir is a global search engine marketing company that drives results and uncovers actionable customer insights. Through a combination of proprietary search technology and expert campaign management services, Netelixir helps with identifying new opportunities, maximizing ROI, and engineering new custom technology.
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Products and Services


LXRGuide is a simple but powerful dashboard that lets you optimize any Google AdWords campaign. See your entire online and mobile marketing performance. LXRGuide combines over 25 unique algorithms to deliver pin-pointed optimization recommendations. Get a better grip on where every Google AdWords dollar is going and unlock the power of a recommendation engine that takes the guesswork out of optimizing your campaigns. This revolutionary platform harnesses account performance and forecasts data to deliver recommendations that will improve campaign success. Boost revenue and reduce spending in just minutes, knowing that every move you make with LXRGuide is in your company’s best interest.
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LXRInsights is an AI-powered digital marketing platform that uses over 13,000 data points to identify your high-value customers. LXRInsights uses your first-party customer data to create journey maps and audiences. The platform shares actionable insights to optimize your customer acquisition and engagement strategy that improves your ROI. Through seamless integration with Google Ads, our platform fills in the missing pieces of your audience targeting to win the most valuable customers.
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NetElixir is a digital marketing agency that applies mathematical models to drive search marketing results. We’ve been in the digital marketing space since twitter was just the sound a bird made. Everyday, we use this deep experience and a never ending demand for smarter solutions to make sure our clients engage with customers and budgets exceed expectations.
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