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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Agency Overview
Perkuto helps marketing leaders who are frustrated with not having a bigger impact on revenue. As a Marketo Platinum Partner, their team of experienced consultants create impactful strategies, optimize marketing operations, simplify MarTech and execute on day-to-day campaigns.
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Products and Services

Custom Design Services

Perkuto’s Custom Design Services can help if you have a large volume of templates, specific requirements to be fulfilled and validated with an eye toward design or migrate from other platforms.
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Digesto is an RSS-to-email application for Marketo. Deliver your blog or news feeds through Marketo emails easily and beautifully across all devices. Digesto recognizes when a new blog post is published, and leverages Marketo to deliver it straight to the inbox of your followers. You maintain full control over the email template, distribution frequency, and multiple feeds – all in one unified application.
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GDPR Services

Let Perkuto help alleviate your GDPR compliance stress—take advantage of their expert GDPR services designed to help align your marketing processes and programs with GDPR requirements so that you can focus on tackling business as usual.
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Jeto is a tool for Marketo that allows users to automate campaign execution. Jeto enables non-technical people to create and launch marketing campaigns without ever setting foot in Marketo. Using the Marketo API and a structured process, Jeto enables anyone to create emails, campaigns, events, and more in just a few clicks. Jeto completely removes the risk and complexity of marketing automation for non-technical people.
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Marketo Consulting Services

Perkuto offers Marketo Consulting Services to help you increase the success of your marketing activities. Their team works with you to optimize your current instance to quickly unlock additional value.
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Marketo Email 1.0 to Email 2.0 Template Migration

Marketo’s redesigned email editor (commonly known as Email 2.0) is easier to use and better than ever! A well-designed Email 2.0 template can handle your different types of emails – promotions, fulfillment, newsletters, etc – to provide consistency and better responsiveness across multiple email clients, browsers and devices.
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Marketo Email 2.0 Templates

Lead into the Marketo Email 2.0 era with new email templates, professionally designed and tested by Marketo Certified Experts. All Perkuto templates for Marketo Email 2.0 are easy to use, customizable and are responsive across devices.
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Marketo Implementation and Training

Perkuto’s Marketo training services range from simple tasks such as editing emails and landing pages, to building complex reports and much more. Perkuto’s foundation training program offers a deep dive into the core functions of Marketo. With detailed documentation and training sessions, their foundation training program provides your team with the necessary know-how for building programs, understanding complex processes such as lead scoring and lead lifecycles, creating reports and much more. To get you on your feet faster, Perkuto offers a variety of kick start programs. These programs are designed to help you with the implementation and mastering the basics when it comes to Marketo, Marketo add-ons like web personalization and ABM, as well as several MarTech tools.
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Marketo Template Packages

Make a better impression with Perkuto’s professionally designed responsive emails and landing pages for Marketo.
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MarTech Strategy & Integration

Perkuto helps clients figure out what they need and how to make their MarTech stack work. Their team has a general interest in all things MarTech, which means we are constantly evaluating and learning about new tools. By only implementing the necessary tools, Perkuto works with clients to optimize their stack and create a solution that fits their needs and gets the job done.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

Leverage the expertise of Perkuto's team when it comes to integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Marketo. We have helped more Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients than any other marketing automation agency. Our projects have ranged from clients that are just getting started with their Marketo integration with Dynamics CRM to clients who have already integrated Dynamics CRM and Marketo and are looking to extend the capacity and functionality of their integration. We work with your team to explain the functionality available when connecting Dynamics to Marketo with the native connector, as well as provide information on using a third party data layer in more complex situations.
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Salesforce CRM Services

Perkuto's Salesforce Consulting Services are designed to meet the specific needs of your business so that you get the most out of your investment. As a Salesforce partner, Perkuto offers a variety of consulting services, from the initial implementation to deep back-end API integration.
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