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Redmill Solutions

London, United Kingdom
Agency Overview
Redmill Solutions makes your media and marketing data simple and transparent, combining the best technology with brilliant service and media expertise. Redmill Solutions Ltd is a privately owned company, registered and headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Greater London, UK, Izmir, Turkey and Guangzhou, China, providing around the clock support for their global clients.
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Products and Services

Competitive Data

Redmill Solutions provides their Competitive Data service to collate and harmonize each local market’s competitive data with the global view. The service allows for multiple target groups to be included and local brand variations to be tied to the global structure. Updated regularly, this is a powerful tool to ensure you are staying ahead of the pack.
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Deal Monitoring

Media is a big investment, and each agency-client relationship is guided by a set of guarantees. This will take the form of a combination of quality and price promises the agency makes, in exchange for a volume of activity the client promises. Redmill Solutions provides their Deal Monitoring service to incorporate all the variables of these guarantees, for each country, and cross-checks that against post-campaign data. They can include each detail of every deal - if you have a commitment to a position in break, a cost per completed view or the inside of a back page of a magazine, all these details can be validated and compared. Ultimately, both client and agency can benefit from their deal health check, since bonuses are also calculated based on those deal guarantees. That means regular, accurate reporting allows agencies to ensure they are on track to deliver what they have agreed. Meanwhile, clients gain full visibility deal health on a market by market level. It’s a win win for both sides.
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Digital Asset Management

Some of Redmill's clients manage the production of their own advertising rather than outsourcing it to a creative agency. With this in mind, Redmill created a tool to allow such internal teams to monitor the cost and details of each aspect of the production process – from the cost of helicopter hire for the production team, to the music rights for the backing track. It’s all available in one convenient, centralized place.
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Media Plan Co-ordination

Global and regional leaders alike need regular, accurate insight into planned activity and that is precisely what the Media Plan Co-ordination service provides. Media plans come in all shapes and sizes, from automated planning tools to complex Excel flowcharts. Local teams have plans that work for them, within their own markets – but often not outside of them. This is why it is key to have systems in place that allow the sharing, harmonization and reporting capability for these assorted local plans on both a regional and global basis.
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Pitch Support

Occasionally clients want to check market conditions and ensure they are maximising agency partnerships. Agency selection is a long process with many moving parts, from comparison of price and quality guarantees to baselines, to innovative thinking, strategic planning and personalities. Redmill Solutions has the tools and knowledge to provide the baseline setting and analyze versus the price and quality metrics provided during the pitch process.
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