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Web Spiders

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Web Spiders (WS) is an enterprise software company that develops products for marketing and HR. The singular focus of these products is to drive user engagement using mobility and Artificial Intelligence-led Bots.
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Products and Services is an enterprise virtual events platform. has been designed to enhance attendee delight at both internal events like sales training sessions as well as customer-focused events.
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Gecko is an AI-based interview bot. Recruiters can set up interviews with custom questions that require video responses. These can later be played back for detailed analysis and review. The AI-powered sentiment analysis engine scans each interview to provide deep insights on candidate attitude, positivity and overall sentiment — crucial for positions that require more than just skills. With Gecko, recruiters can set up interviews in less than 5 minutes, and let interviewees take them at their convenience. Hundreds of applicants can simultaneously record their interviews with Gecko, allowing massive recruitment campaigns to be conducted in days.
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Marketing Automation

Web Spiders' Marketing Automation services can help in setup, strategy discussions, implementation, management and internal training. Web Spiders is a Certified Marketo Partner providing marketing automation solutions to brands and Government to Citizen (G2C) organizations.
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