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adenin Technologies

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
adenin makes business software for progressive organizations. From an all-encompassing Intranet, over a ground-breaking Mobile Enterprise Application platform, to a Digital Workplace for the digital age – adenin strives to liberate customers and their data, and users and processes from existing systems.
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Products and Services

Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is a personal, digital assistant that proactively sends actionable Cards about relevant changes and upcoming events, understands voice commands, and offers an enterprise-wide search. It automatically connects with existing business software, databases and APIs from the cloud and on-premise to deliver a central productivity hub for the digital worker. Digital Assistant supports over 50 enterprise data source connectors out of the box, including Office 365, SharePoint, Salesforce CRM, Slack and more. Digital Assistant can also be embedded into your existing Intranet, used as a Chrome browser extension or as a responsive design web app – and, of course, as a mobile assistant on your phone.
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IntelliEnterprise is the one-stop-shop Intranet software for managing documents, surfacing relevant content, connecting users with processes and offering an enterprise-wide search.
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Mobility Portal

Mobility Portal is an end-to-end application platform for digital workplace apps. It combines business data from on-premise and the cloud and brings it into a low-code HTML5 App Designer.
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