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London, United Kingdom
Company Overview
AdPolice was founded to make search engine advertising more predictable and profitable. 200+ clients later we here at AdPolice are proud to hear from them that BrandProtect and IndustryWatch are essential tools in their daily business. We continue working hard and focused on these products to help you even more in gaining knowledge and performing better in SEA.
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Products and Services


Adpolice BrandProtect enables marketers to reveal affiliate fraud. BrandProtect monitors each brand-related keywords in a very narrow grid (every 5 minutes on more than 500 locations worldwide) to ensure highest possible exposure of misbehaving partners or competitors and by that increase the ROI in your day-to-day business.
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AdPolice IndustryWatch delivers in-depth information about the search engine behavior of key competitors. Based on the most relevant keywords for your sector, IndustryWatch provides you with detailed insights into search engine marketing, which you can leverage instantly to optimize your own campaigns.
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