Ad Fraud Protection

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Ad Fraud Protection and Detection tools enable enterprises to ensure their ads are served to real people, and detect when their ads are served in ways that have no potential to be seen by a real person.

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By MetaX
adChain Audits goes beyond industry certifications and current fraud vendor solutions. adChain Audits is a MetaX product with consultative services, offering scalable ad fraud solutions that provide in-depth digital campaign analysis from independent...
Anti-Malvertising is an ad fraud protection tool to detect and block malicious ads. the single pixel solution will block malicious ads in real-time
Adpolice BrandProtect enables marketers to reveal affiliate fraud. BrandProtect monitors each brand-related keywords in a very narrow grid (every 5 minutes on more than 500 locations worldwide) to ensure highest possible exposure of misbehaving partn...
DoubleVerify is an advertising platform verifying media quality for platforms. DoubleVerify ensures ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, accurate impression delivery and audience quality across campaigns to drive performance. Includes feat...
By adjust
The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) provides a comprehensive set of ad fraud prevention tools that blocks mobile ad fraud. Instead of going after devices and users like most other fraud detection services, Adjust focuses on rejecting fraudulent s...
Merchant Protector is a software suite that provides fraud protection for online merchants.
By Affle
mFaaS is an ad fraud detection solution from Affle. It features multi type fraud detection, interactive dashboards, and real time blocking.
Passport is a blockchain-based ad delivery solution. Passport is eliminating ad delivery fraud in digital media trading by leveraging blockchain, encryption, and two-way authentication. Advertisers login to Passport and approve destinations (domains/...
By Zensed
Zensed is an automated fraud prevention system with no reliance on human interaction. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning modeling, the Zensed platform is built to continually analyze and improve anti-fraud results and to monitor and r...
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