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Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Company Overview
adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company that provides app marketers with a comprehensive business intelligence platform. adjust combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics such as rankings, ratings and reviews.
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Products and Services


The adjust Dashboard provides a simple view that unifies data gathered across mulitple platforms, campaigns and apps. Marketers can get all the campaign attribution and performance metrics needed, drilling down deep into data in order to maximize ROI across multiple channels.
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Mobile App Analytics

adjust Mobile app analytics is a business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers. adjust combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced in-app analytics and store statistics for deep marketing insights. Understand where your app users are coming from and which are your highest performing sources, segment users, analyze their behavior in real time and uncover their behavioral patterns. adjust supports all major platforms, as well as frameworks like Unity or Cordova. Each SDK uses full SSL encryption, tracks even when offline, and reduces network overhead by buffering events and aggregating data locally.
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Mobile App Attribution

adjust Mobile App Attribution gives mobile app marketers a better way to understand media performance across multiple advertising channels. Short and easy-to-read adjust URLs track any and all locations. New users are attributed a specific campaign as soon as they click on an adjust tracker URL. With adjust, you can track all of your marketing channels and aggregate your conversion data for in-depth analysis, whether via click or impression. You'll always know exactly which ads delivered which users, right down to the campaign creatives users see.
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