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Warsaw, Poland
Company Overview
ALGOLYTICS offers software solutions for the analysis of large data sets and provides advanced analytical services focusing on customer intelligence and risk management.
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Products and Services

Algolytics AdvancedMiner

AdvancedMiner is a powerful, user-friendly integrated tool for data exploration. Among its applications are customer segmentation and profiling, cross-selling and up-selling recommendations, market basket analysis, marketing campaign optimization, churn analysis & prevention, and Customer Lifetime Value analysis. With AdvancedMiner, complex analytical processes can be simply defined by less technical users with a drag and drop technique, while more advanced users can create their own custom scripts and new node types
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Algolytics AdvancedMiner SNA

AdvancedMiner Social Network Analysis [SNA] is innovative social media analytics. Companies can use the software to model social relationships among existing customers, revealing which customers have the strongest social influence, what social role each customer plays in their community, find accounts with a high social similarity and other types of social measures and aggregates. Depending on your business model, you can use AdvancedMiner SNA to cross / up-sell, optimize marketing and customer retention campaigns or recommend the best products for specific customers.
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