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Apptimize an Airship Company

Menlo Park, California, United States
Company Overview
Apptimize provides a powerful A/B testing solution for iOS and Android. The platform includes powerful analytics, feature flagging, staged roll-out, results segmentation and filtering, and advanced targeting.
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Products and Services

A/B Testing

A/B Testing for app developers helps optimize app performance on the fly, without coding, by having imported 3rd party analytics measure and interpret what’s really working for an app, then converting any instant visual change into an A/B test that can be launched to all users in real-time.
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Feature Flags

Feature Flags by Apptimize enables app developers to control the scope and timing of feature launches in order to validate success and reduce risk prior to full rollout. Developers can use Apptimize Feature Flags to choose when and to whom new features are accessible, and easily turn them on or off. Ramp up, roll back or even schedule feature releases to launch across various countries and user segments
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Instant Update

Instant Update is a mobile optimization solution that iterates apps faster with instant deploy and editor features.
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