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Blockchain Programmatic Corporation (BPC)

San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Blockchain Programmatic Corporation (BPC) was established to develop and operate the first blockchain-based programmatic advertising platform that combines the core technological solutions of any programmatic RTB service with the unique features blockchain has to add to this industry.
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Products and Services

BPC Platform

BPC Platform consists of 3 core advertising technologies moved to blockchain for truly distributed nature: Blockchain DSP (BDSP), Decentralized DMP (DDMP), and Smart Contract Ad Exchange (SMARTEX). The Blockchain Demand Side Platform (BDSP) is open RTB (real-time bidding) compliant, features secure campaign setup and access support, and allows direct and programmable campaign generation and management. The Decentralized Data Management Platform (DDMP) is open RTB compliant, fulfills audience and content categorization, and features audience quality score, demographics and psychographics audience segmentation as well as allowing secure audience data access, storing and management. The Smart Contract Ad Exchange (SMARTEX) is an open RTB compliant, fully functional high-volume ad exchange including the integrated header bidding enterprise server.
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