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Blue Calypso

Dallas, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Blue Calypso is a social media and word-of-mouth marketing company offering a line of services and technology designed to help brands engage with new and existing customers across a variety of industries.
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Products and Services


The DashTAGG app is a brand-sponsored game of “tag” where smartphone participants log in with Facebook or Twitter, find “TAGGs” using the app, scan QR codes, then take pictures (or “tagg”) other game participants within physical sight range. Players earn points, rewards and offers for loading TAGGs and TAGGing other players. DashTAGG is designed to increase event participation and interaction while growing visitor-to-visitor conversion rates.
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EMGAGE is a employee brand ambassador solution that provides a fully customized, branded platform, allowing employees to distribute national or regional content across multiple social media channels with one click.
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POPSHARE is an applet that resides on client websites and offers consumers the ability to personalize then share brand content across their (major) social media channels.
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