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Dublin, Ireland {Republic}
Company Overview
Boxever's unique Single Customer View and Decisioning Engine gives you the confidence that you're always taking the next best action with your customer. It takes data from every customer's transactional and behavioural interactions and produces a single view of each customer that understands their intent - in real time - and then can immediately act on that intent by delivering the next best action to each customer, across any channel. The result is a highly personalized customer experience which delivers higher acquisition, conversion and retention rates, leading to higher revenue and better overall customer experience.
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Products and Services


Boxever is a Customer Intelligence Cloud that connects all of your customer, product and operational data, letting you personalize 1:1 and deliver predictive offers on every channel, across every customer journey. Boxever acts as the “brain” within your marketing (and business) tech ecosystem, taking in all data about the customer, deciding on what should happen next and executing that action through the most appropriate channels.
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Boxever Engage

Now that you have a truly omnichannel guest context in each profile, maximize its value with predictive decisioning and data activation. Boxever™ Engage is a Predictive Personalization Engine that is constantly running, processing any event from any customer and centralizing decisions for marketers to target at the right time on every channel. It starts with real-time activation - receiving session data on a website, email, mobile device, or another source. Boxever evaluates the event and looks at the customer’s profile, segmentation, and all prior responses in similar contexts to deliver a predictive offer most likely to get a “yes.”
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Boxever OneView

Boxever OneView is a Customer Data Platform that uses the latest technology to pull fragments of information from disconnected marketing, commerce and customer service systems. It automatically connects all your customer data into a singular and contextual Guest Profile - no matter where the customer is in their journey, and no matter who in your organization is accessing a record. Email and ecommerce owners and customer service and call center reps know it's all the same customer!
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Boxever Web Optimization Platform

Boxever Web Optimization Platform is a web optimization solution that gives marketers direct access to real-time browsing and customer behavior analytics to inform more relevant online targeting, testing and optimization. Boxever provides instant consumer data collection for voice-of-the-customer (VOC), attitudinal and preference capture. This data can be used to further enrich targeted experiments and personalizations.
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