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Cadent Network

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Cadent Network (formerly TelAmerica) offers best in class video and television advertising spanning cable, broadcast and Hispanic media. Cadent provides agencies and advertisers with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional media networks. Cadent Network is Nielsen-rated and MSA-posted.
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Products and Services


Cadent Network is a cost-effective advertising network for video, cable, broadcast and Hispanic media. Cadent features ads on top networks, popular programs high performing content for maximum reach and ROI. Cadent provides performance verification through Nielsen ratings, MSA postings and custom reporting.
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Cadent Advanced TV Platform

Cadent Advanced TV Platform provides access to 70 million US addressable households through cable, network, and OTT supply relationships. By removing the complexity associated with the different technologies and processes of various TV inventory sources, the platform provides a unified, transparent workflow for purchasing addressable advertising on a national basis. The new Cadent Advanced TV Platform provides a simplified workflow that connects national addressable TV demand with Cadent's inventory partners.
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