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Tools in this category help streamline and automate buying and selling of TV advertisements across all devices that now deliver TV content.


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4INFO is a targeting tool using both home and mobile data to reach customers. 4INFO uniquely gives you the ability to accurately target consumers across all of their screens at unprecedented scale, and then provide full funnel measurement to evaluate...
By 605
605 Drive is a tablet-based web application that uses anonymized and aggregated subscriber viewing data combined with third-party consumer data to target specific consumer attributes and generate plans in real time.
Activate is an end-to-end supply path optimization (SPO) solution that allows buyers to execute non-bidded direct deals on PubMatic’s programmatic platform, accessing premium video and CTV inventory at scale.
By AdAmp
AdAmp is a one-stop TV advertising tool, custom tailored for small businesses and agencies, that will allow you to run ads on leading US TV platforms. Advertisers have the ability to set flexible budgets, have confidence in connecting with their targ...
Addressable TV is the first step towards Programmatic TV, as it allows to target TV advertising individually, in real time, increasing the value of your inventory and enabling you to monitor campaign performance with unprecedented precision.
By AdGear
AdGear is a TV advertising platform. Numerous integrations with data providers, coupled with the exclusive Samsung TV data allows marketers to reach consumers with more accurate precision, on- and off-TV.
  Compare is a TV monitoring and analytics suite. Thanks to its patented technologies, detects all TV spots in real time and identifies the audience who reacted to them by visiting their website/mobile app.
TVSquared ADvantage gives advertisers the “who, what, when and where” of TV campaign performance. By analyzing same-day spot and response data, ADvantage provides immediate and actionable insights to improve TV efficiency and drive the greatest respo...
AttnX is a connected TV advertising value-exchange ad experience product built for connected TVs, desktop, and mobile that secures consumers’ opt-in interest and respects their time and attention, before the ad experience begins. AttnX was built to b...
BrightLine creates, delivers, and measures dynamic ads across the entire Advanced-TV landscape using our proprietary Build-Once- Run-Everywhere platform.
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