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Neodata Group

Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Company Overview
Neodata's intelligent platform analyzes, recommends and delivers editorial and advertising content that is relevant to the audience and targeted at an individual level.
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Products and Services


ad.agio is a multi-channel ad-server built with the online publisher’s ad tech needs in mind. ad.agio leverage the data to target and deliver any ad type, across any device, to any user.
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Addressable TV

Addressable TV is the first step towards Programmatic TV, as it allows to target TV advertising individually, in real time, increasing the value of your inventory and enabling you to monitor campaign performance with unprecedented precision.
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Content Recommendation System

Neodata's Content Recommendation System leverages semantic analysis technologies and allows you to manually set your taxonomies and editorial priorities, while the built-in optimization engine picks the contents that are more likely to generate engagement.
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exaudi DMP

exaudi is a data management platform that helps organizations to protect and unlock the value of audience data.
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