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Reading, England, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Capture offers enterprise-grade media management systems and solutions that include rights, licensing, metadata, finance, and royalties. Their digital asset management (DAM) system facilitates workflow to help protect, manage and create real value for digital assets.
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Products and Services

capture CRM

capture CRM enables you to manage contacts, clients, contributors, opportunities, meetings and related tasks. Store details, manage accounts and permissions, share with ease - a snapshots of client activity at your fingertips.
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capture DESK

capture DESK is a highly efficient, revolutionary and patented web-based media research, collaboration and selection tool that addresses all the needs and challenges faced by visual content researchers when sourcing digital imagery.
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capture DISTRIBUTOR offers rapid, effortless distribution of all digital assets and metadata to multiple simultaneous global destinations - including social media desks - within 30 seconds of shutter click, and automatic preparation of metadata for agents worldwide.
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Capture FINANCIALS has been designed to make any financial interaction as quick as possible - and the fact that it is an online system means work can be carried out from anywhere. Features, including invoice line items to show usage details, or simple multiple currency handling that provides global support, make it easier for any organisation wanting to derive value from their assets.
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Capture Greenlight is a tool for checking image data quality before assets are submitted to a team or to a Digital Asset Management platform. Capture Greenlight automatically checks image technical and metadata quality before assets are submitted. Auto-updates from the web ensure the latest standards are reflected, should they change. Capture Greenlight can deal with thousands of assets in seconds - simply drag and drop the folder over the desktop icon.
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capture KEYWORDER is a state of the art keywording tool that allows users to enrich metadata across thousands of assets quickly and accurately, vastly increasing the discoverability of content.
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capture MEDIA MANAGER is a digital asset management (DAM) solution for photos, videos, audio, documents, illustrations and much more. With capture MEDIA MANAGER you can easily upload assets using multiple methods - including FTP, Hot Folder ingestion and direct import - individually or in bulk. Once the assets are in the system the user can manage, store or re-purpose the assets.
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capture ROYALTIES is a sophisticated royalty engine designed to reward digital asset contributors on many different levels - and make managing their payments a cinch. Once contributor accounts have been set up in Capture CRM where royalty agreements and rights allowed/not allowed (amongst other details) are recorded this standard Simple Commission package allows for a range of features to manage the contributor and royalty relationship. Features include automatic association of a contributor with their assets, configurable payment percentages for a simple two-way split between contributor and agency, complete automation of commission payments including commission calculations, background accounting and the handling of tax.
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Get capture SUBMISSIONS to edit images and ensure contributor material is the right technical standard, with required metadata and releases. Raise contributor standards with this automatic collaborative workflow tool. When submitting content to editors, control the quality of all submissions by ensuring the correct metadata is added. Review and select only the best images to guarantee the highest quality, and ensure that model and property releases are always submitted. This communication tool allows editors to fluidly work with contributors and helps raise the standard of their submissions - meaning quicker turnaround and route to market.
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capture VAULT

capture VAULT is a free tool that allows assets to be registered with services that help protect their copyright. capture VAULT integrates with the Copyright Hub's Open Permissions Platform (OPP), and other asset registries and security services as they come on stream. It does this by embedding HubKeys. They are part of the OPP that has been built by Digital Catapult in conjunction with the Copyright Hub. It is a fully open source platform, which aims to help cross-media, cross industry licensing and tracking, using machine-readable, automated processes.
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capture WEBSITE

capture WEBSITE is a front-end 'shop window' solution for the Internet or intranet. Choose from home page templates – or design your own look and feel through the powerful Content Management System (CMS). Combined with the Capture Back-office solutions this product allows users across your whole organisation – or the public – to find, browse, shortlist, see rights and download any kind of digital asset, according to the privileges assigned to them.
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