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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Catalyst services Fortune 500 clients to enable these global brands to reach target audiences in the digital age. Catalyst leverages its close partnership with fellow WPP & GroupM agencies including MediaCom, Mindshare, Maxus, MEC, and Xaxis to deliver integrated digital marketing solutions with world class results.
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Products and Services

Catalyst FUSION

Catalyst FUSION is a proprietary data and analytics engine with on-demand tools and analyses designed to harvest market insights from large volumes of data. FUSION generates actionable insights for more intelligent media investments and more informed business decisions. FUSION includes 160+ tools and dashboards and pulls from 300+ data points from first and third party resources from 80+ APIs (including SEMRush, Reddit, Neilson, SimilarWeb, Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Amazon, Jumpshot, Google, Brandwatch, KBM, & more).
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Catalyst’s eShelf is a sophisticated suite of tools designed to track, optimize, and syndicate product offerings across Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and other major ecommerce sites.
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Organic Search

Catalyst Organic Search services are comprehensive, based on your business objectives and executed throughout your marketing mix. Catalyst covers it all, including the technical, content and off-site aspects of your online marketing. Using a state-of-the-art methodology, Catalyst develops a strategy that leverages the quantitative and qualitative by incorporating brand equity, consumer insights, digital trends and search analytics.
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Paid Search

Catalyst’s Paid Search services go beyond the basics; they are fully customizable to meet your specific goals. Keyword research, ad messaging, landing pages, bid optimization, as well as methodical and continuous testing are the foundation to paid search. Connecting with a consumer is not about the click, that’s the easy part. Catalyst's technology allows them to analyze user behavior and the digital landscape in conjunction with true market conditions to extract insights and optimization opportunities.
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Programmatic Solutions

Drive greater business results with management of Search, Social, and Programmatic Display campaigns through one integrated team of industry leaders. Catalyst has the data analysis and flexibility to move budget between digital channels to ensure you are achieving the greatest results. Catalyst seamlessly integrates with two programmatic solutions and models: Xaxis and Connect. Catalyst and brands work together to determine the best support option given their specific goals and requirements.
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Search Marketing on Amazon

Consumers look to Amazon as the top starting point for their online shopping research. At the core of Amazon’s shopping site is a powerful search engine that offers marketers a major opportunity for increased visibility. Catalyst's Amazon marketing services guide your brand to optimize your presence on the increasingly important shopping platform.
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Social Media

Catalyst trains brand managers about the importance of creating great social content in order to scale organically first and help clients to think beyond awareness with social media. An outside set of eyes helps to make sense of a situation, so they frequently engage partners as consultants, working on specialized projects to best integrate Social Media into clients’ business.
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Social Media Advertising

Social platforms are constantly evolving and multiplying, which can make it challenging for clients to execute a scaled social media strategy. Catalyst keeps its clients abreast of changes in the industry and how those changes might affect their marketing plans. By providing recommendations based on not only years of experience but also best practices derived from Fortune 500 clients, Catalyst propels clients ahead of the competition.
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