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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Company Overview
For nearly fifty years Cincom has provided enterprise management software and services for global manufacturing, sales, and professional services companies. Cincom's suite of products includes product configuration, quoting, document management, and integration with Microsoft Dynamics.
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Products and Services

Cincom ChannelStream

Cincom ChannelStream is a flexible, scalable and cost-effective document management system designed to help the integration, organisation and delivery of document output streams.
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Cincom CPQ

Cincom CPQ is a configure-price-quote platform that helps sales teams create complex proposals quickly, in an easy to understand format that provides customers with everything they need to make a buying decision quickly.
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Cincom ECM

Cincom ECM is a reliable, easy to use web-based Enterprise Content Management system. A product developed and fine-tuned over thirty years, ECM ensures that all authorised users have ready access to digital assets, product information, marketing collateral, and more.
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Cincom Eloquence

Cincom Eloquence is a customer communications solution designed to improve the delivery and management of high-volume, personalized customer engagement.
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Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite

Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite is a modular solution that enriches and enhances the Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Built for companies that manufacture complex, engineered products, the platform includes many features for driving sales, managing more efficient production processes, and achieving peak levels of customer satisfaction.
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CPQSync is a configure, price, quote solution that enables companies and their customers to select and customize products and services they want to buy; as well as view accurate, real-time pricing for every possible configuration of the product and generate a quote for the product—all from a single program/application. CPQSync is a cloud-based, SaaS offering.
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