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Kraków, Kraków, Poland
Company Overview
Comarch is a global provider of IT business solutions that aim to optimize operational and business processes.
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Products and Services

Comarch Business Intelligence

Comarch Business Intelligence is a robust Business Intelligence platform for advanced analysis of customer loyalty data. Make better business decisions while managing your loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.
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Comarch Campaign Management

Comarch Campaign Management is a campaign management tool that enables marketers to define and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience. Run communication through online and offline channels and streamline this area of operations while simultaneously improving the level of control. Comarch Campaign Management helps marketers automate their campaigns through customer journeys based on past interactions, while also providing a drag-and-drop visual designer to build cross-channel campaigns.
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Comarch ECM

Comarch ECM is an Enterprise Content Management tool, which enables comprehensive management of a company’s documents and data combined with marketing processes, including creation and management of marketing projects, ordering and accounting purchase orders, contract management, and budget management.
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Comarch Loyalty Management

Comarch Loyalty Management includes all the tools needed to build a successful loyalty program, created for both individual and business customers. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, program participants can be easily engaged through the built-in marketing geo-located offers and promotion actions, such as lotteries, special auctions, coupons or benefits for rewarding the best customers.
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