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CrowdTwist by Oracle

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
CrowdTwist, an Oracle company via acquisition, is the leader in multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions. Its patented, cloud-based multichannel technology enables clients to reach consumers across multiple channels such as social, email, web, mobile, and in-store, leading to higher acquisition, engagement, and retention.
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Products and Services


CrowdTwist is a cloud-based multichannel loyalty and engagement platform. Using CrowdTwist's platform, clients are able to reach and engage customers across Web, social, mobile, email, in-store, etc. using a tailored set of activities and benefits/rewards. The platform not only powers the loyalty and engagement program, but also enables clients to manage their activities and rewards, view member data, and gain data-driven insights to understand their customer segments.
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New CrowdTwist CEO: Greater Customer Engagement Can Lead to Strong Emotional Connections

CrowdTwist CEO, Scott Matthews, discusses the loyalty and engagement landscape and the direction in which he plans to lead the company

Three Tips for Keeping Consumers Loyal and Engaged in 2015

CrowdTwist SVP of Marketing, Geoff Smith, discusses three tips for increasing loyalty and engagement

Reward Boosters: 5 (of 8) Ways to Promote a Loyalty Program

Launching a rewards program is only the first step in nurturing long-term customer loyalty. A well-conceived promotional plan is required to give it legs. CrowdTwist Senior Vice President of Marketing Geoff Smith offers five tips.

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