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Herndon, Virginia, United States
Company Overview
Deltek is a leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses.
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Products and Services


Acumen provides full-featured scheduling and risk analysis tools. The Acumen tool suite takes project analysis beyond a simple checklist and resolves project shortcomings in minutes with Acumen Fuse. For risk management and analytics, Acumen Risk eliminates the statistical and logical challenges of your typical risk models. Acumen 360 supports completing your projects faster to meet customer and contractual driven requirements by evaluating schedule scenarios utilizing an interactive acceleration engine.
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Ajera is accounting and project management software designed for architecture and engineering firms. Ajera can help you increase project profitability, improve utilization rates and streamline back office accounting processes.
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Cobra is a powerful EVM (Earned Value Management) tool that was designed in response to increased government oversight. It is a simple-to-use, powerful system for managing project costs, measuring earned value and analyzing budgets, actuals and forecasts.
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ConceptShare is online proofing software. Streamline and speed up the review and approval process so your marketing and creative teams can deliver more content faster.
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Deltek Costpoint is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for government contractors. Use Costpoint to manage the entire project lifecycle, including robust contract management, project accounting, manufacturing, and more.
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Deltek Collaboration

Deltek Collaboration is a social collaboration tool that allows your employees to build better projects together. Deltek Collaboration can change the way people get things done by reducing meetings and emails and simplifying file sharing.
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Deltek Project Information Management (PIM)

Deltek PIM is a project information management solution that gives you access to project and firm-wide information in one central location. Proactive email management, simplified document management, organized drawings, improved file sharing and more give your teams access to critical information at your fingertips so you can spend more time delivering projects and less time searching for files.
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Deltek Resource Planning

Deltek Resource Planning is an ERP solution that enables resource and project managers to locate the most qualified and available resources quickly, get visibility into future resource needs, plan rather than react, optimize utilization, and reduce turnover.
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Deltek Talent Management

Deltek Talent Management handles recruiting, development, training and compensation to decrease the time from application to hire. Deltek Talent Management breeds efficiency throughout the entire employee life cycle by helping you to attract, develop, and retain the right people while increasing employee engagement through career planning and effective performance management.
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GovWin IQ

GovWin IQ is a government contracting intelligence platform that enables businesses to manage public sector opportunities, pursue deals faster, and plan strategically to get ahead of the competition. With 30+ years of experience and more than 6,000 customers, GovWin IQ has helped many organizations enhance their public sector sales and capture strategies. In 2018, GovWin IQ, the industry standard in federal government contracting information, and Onvia, the innovator in state, local, and education contracting data, joined forces and became one powerful solution - making GovWin IQ the leader across the entire public sector spectrum.
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Maconomy is enterprise resource planning software for the professional services industry. The modern and intuitive software delivers the business agility, transparency and control you need to run your company and meet your needs both today and into the future.
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Open Plan

Open Plan is an enterprise-class project management solution that offers the power and flexibility to complete medium-to-large and/or multiple projects on time and on budget. With multi-project analysis, critical path planning, resource management and Risk analysis, Open Plan caters to the differing needs of business, resource and project managers. Open Plan supports your initiatives to improve planning and scheduling. User defined validations and real-time schedule quality analysis make it easy to implement company best practices, PMO standards or simple reminders of issues to be addressed.
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PM Compass

PM Compass provides a single, centralized view of project information allowing you to manage and update from a single place. PM Compass, by pulling you through an automated process tuned to your business rhythm, improves efficiency and consistency and eliminates project surprises.
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Time and Expense

Time and Expense automates the collection, validation, approval and processing of labor and expense. Replace paper-based routing of timesheets and expenses with an intuitive, web-based application.
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TrafficLIVE is cloud-based creative management software that improves your business process and drives efficiency and profitability to your agencies. Transform the way your agency focuses on people, profits, clients and the creative process.
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Vantagepoint is a powerful, intuitive solution that helps your people manage your projects from start to finish. Deltek Vantagepoint’s 360-degree view of your projects puts client, project and financial details in a single location. That all adds up to making well-informed tactical and strategic business decisions and a more efficient, productive and profitable company.
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Vantagepoint CRM

Vantagepoint CRM is a customer relationship management solution for government contractors. It revolves around the prospect process, enabling you to track and capture relevant information. Vantagepoint CRM allows users to manage opportunities and maximize capture resources for continual growth and profit.
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Vision is a project-based enterprise resource planning solution for professional services firms. Use Vision to manage the complete project lifecycle and increase profitability.
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wInsight Analytics

wInsight Analytics tracks and reports on program performance to deliver deep insight. Seamlessly analyze cost and integrate earned value performance into your management processes. wInsight Analytics enables the entire project execution team to easily assess project performance and produce insightful analysis for making informed decisions.
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WorkBook is a smart and intuitive total agency management solution that streamlines your agency’s project and financial management processes to provide you with the insight you need to become more efficient, productive and profitable.
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