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Grand island, New York, United States
Company Overview
Ducen is a one-stop shop for advanced IT solutions and end-to-end IT consulting services empowering people with deep intelligence and benefits.
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Products and Services

Advanced Analytics Services

Analance Advanced Analytics (AAA) is one of the five modules in the Analance Platform capable of parsing large masses of structured and unstructured data for data analysis and predictive modeling. The AAA module integrates with all other modules in the platform seamlessly, delivering an end-to-end enterprise data solution platform.
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Combining Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data Management Capabilities in One Integrated, Self-Serve Platform. Analance is an end-to-end platform that combines Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data Management into one integrated self-serve platform. It is built to deliver core analytical processing power to ensure data insights are accessible to everyone, performance remains consistent as the system grows, and business objectives are continuously met within a single platform. THE ANALANCE PLATFORM: • Delivers an end-to-end enterprise analytics platform with a strong focus on turning quality data into accurate predictions from one integrated self-serve platform. • Provides a platform for both data scientists and citizen data scientists with point and click pre-built algorithms and an environment for custom coding. • Offers an intuitive UI with guided workflows to enable both data scientists and citizen data scientists to master the platform in minutes. • Unifies multiple tools required for data analysis into one integrated platform to deliver insights with accuracy and quality. Analance Data Management (ADM): Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool to clean and transform data for analysis. * Analance Advanced Analytics (AAA): Predict based on trained Machine Learning (ML) Models. * Analance Business Intelligence (ABI): Deploy trained models from AAA into ABI for visualizations. * Analance Internet of Things (AIoT): Connect to streaming sources for real-time analytics and visualization. * Analance Artificial Intelligence (AAI): Next generation inference engine for prescriptive analytics.
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