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Boulder, Colorado, United States
Company Overview
Earthvisionz creates interactive, geospatial, 3D and map experiences and asset management tools for clients such as the US Air Force, Level 3 Communications, The Center for Public Integrity, PGA TOUR, banks, real estate, and The Olympics.
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Products and Services


LiveMaps is a live site and event app, letting those onsite and remote follow the action in real time. LiveMaps are embedded in your website or app to create an interactive site map with activities and events displayed in real time. Follow players in field or on the course, choose a current concert among various stages, find the closest concession stand or locate all the available activities about to take place. LiveMaps are powerful engagement, promotional and communications tools. Post live data feeds like players scores, merchandise photos, sponsor videos, shuttle stops and upcoming events. Connect the live and location-specific information that matters most to you and your audience.
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V-Alert sends you real-time alerts mapped directly to the assets you care about. Add your assets, from residential and commercial buildings to gas wells and power lines, to get alerts for extreme weather and major disasters that could affect your business.
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