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Helsinki, Finland
Company Overview
Etuma combines linguistics and information technology with industry-specific knowledge in a real-time semantic analysis tool. The company’s text feedback categorization services lets users know what customers are talking about, ranking feedback categories and sentiment in order of importance.
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Products and Services

Etuma Customer Experience Analytics

Etuma Customer Experience Analytics is a Voice of the Customer solution that includes both NPS Analytics and Market Research Analytics. Convert high volumes of customer feedback into actionable insight quickly, so that you can react to business issues in a timely manner. Etuma captures feedback from multiple channels, automatically aggregating results from contact center trouble tickets, web comments, email and more. Collect all feedback in one place, create and customize reports, and share with your team.
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Etuma Text Catorizer

The Etuma Feedback Categorizer evaluates text comments by topics and sentiment to make Voice of Customer data analysis faster and easier. The solution has the ability to analyze any type of written comment, regardless of the source
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