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Austin, Texas, United States
Company Overview
eyeQ specializes in analytics and engagement solutions that allow retail brands to better understand shoppers in physical stores. Founded in 2012, eyeQ is a fast growing venture-backed company headquartered in Austin, Texas.
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Products and Services

eyeQ Engage

eyeQ Engage is a personalization platform for the brick and mortar retail store. Give shoppers access to product information and recommendations, delight and engage shoppers with unique experiences like games and surveys, and provide a richer shopping experience. Aware and responsive digital displays from eyeQ increase engagement, driving increased sales for brands and retailers, while providing rich analytics and shopper insights in an online dashboard.
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eyeQ Go

eyeQ Go is an in-store retail research & intelligence device that helps retailers make data-driven shopper marketing decisions. With eyeQ, brick and mortar retailers can gather intelligence that show how many shoppers saw your display, how close did they stand, what is their path through the store and much more. Retailers install Go for a period of 90 days, and then return the device to eyeQ for complete analysis with proprietary software.
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eyeQ Observe

eyeQ Observe is a small, cost-effective analytics solution that is easy to deploy and manage. Designed for retail stores, hotels, entertainment venues, and other public spaces, the Observe makes it easy to get detailed demographic information about your visitors. Simply turn on the device, connect to your network and point the camera in the desired direction. The Observe unit will immediately upload anonymous visitor data to the eyeQ cloud analytics server. No images, video, or personally identifiable information is ever collected.
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