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Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Company Overview
FocusVision provides integrated technology solutions for focus group market researchers, including a large global network of focus group facilities, reliable and secure audio and video streams.
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Products and Services


Decipher is a survey and reporting software platform designed to provide an engaging and visually appealing presentation of key metrics for marketers and researchers.
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DeviceVu is a live-stream solution that enables researchers to interact with participants on smartphones, tablets or desktops.
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HomeVu is a live stream in-home research solution, allowing clients and agencies to observe and interact with respondents.
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InterVu enables live online focus groups or webcam interviews using two-way audio and video, where the moderators and all the participants can see and hear each other in a real-time face-to-face exchange. InterVu can be used as an alternative or augmentation to any facility-based project and is particularly well-suited when respondents are hard to find or hard to reach, especially in B2B.
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ResearchReporter is an integrated research management platform that enables researchers to view previous research, automate and streamline processes, and manage resources.
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Revelation is a research solution that works much like a social media app. Participants engage one-on-one or as part of a research community via their mobile phones or the web.
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VideoStreaming enables researchers to observe focus groups and view in-depth interviews remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.
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