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Vaucresson, France
Company Overview
Keluro boosts workplace productivity and breaks information silos by turning email conversations into collaborative assets.
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Products and Services


KBilling is integrated within Microsoft Outlook, so there is no need for training or new software; you already know how to use it. You can now manage your office at the same place you manage your emails, your contacts and your schedule.
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Keluro Smart Email Sharing

Keluro is an augmented email manager that allows you and your team to collaborate more productively.
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Keluro Web Analytics

Keluro Web Analytics is a simple yet powerful app for Office allowing you to use all the benefits from Microsoft Excel® to analyse your websites' Google Analytics® data.
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KMailAssistant is a collaborative email management solution. KMailAssistant's features give employees a productivity boost and reduce the number of emails within the company. No need for CCs or Replies to follow an enquiry status. No need to check if an email has already been shared to the document database. Everything is accessible at a glance.
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KMailPrint is a free app for Outlook allowing you to print your emails, producing clean .pdf files.
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