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Email Management tools enable marketers to manage emails responsively and effectively. Features may include tools for incoming email, distributing emails to a number of accounts or collecting emails sent to a number of accounts and forwarding them to a single user.

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By zebNet
zebNet's Backup for Email helps you avoid data loss at an affordable price. Email clients covered include eM Client, Live Mail, Mailbird, Outlook, Postbox, Sea Monkey, The Bat, and Thunderbird.
By eGain
eGain Mail is an email response management solution that helps companies manage large volumes of customer emails and webforms responsively and effectively.
By Front
Front App is a collaborative inbox for businesses that enables users to manage team inboxes (email addresses like support@, info@, contact@, Twitter, text messages, Facebook, etc.).
By Keluro
KMailAssistant is a collaborative email management solution. KMailAssistant's features give employees a productivity boost and reduce the number of emails within the company. No need for CCs or Replies to follow an enquiry status. No need to check if...
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