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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Company Overview
NaviStone helps advertisers turn their website visitors into direct mail customers. We have invented technology that allows our clients to connect their browsers to postal name and addresses and enable retargeting via individualized direct mail, in a privacy compliant way. NaviStone is located in historic Over-the-Rhine, the hub of Cincinnati’s vibrant innovation culture. We exist to create an environment where team members can reach their full potential. We are curious, relentless and fearless. We pride ourselves on hiring innovative professionals who are humble, respectful, caring and fun.
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Products and Services

NaviStone Amplify

NaviStone Amplify enables brands to boost the performance of current customers by enhancing known data with your customers' purchase intent data. Amplify each record and intensify your internal selections, modeling and overall segmentation strategy. Take your retention strategy to another level with the ability to personalize content and get the most relevant offer in front of your customers by leveraging their intent data.
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NaviStone Personalized Postcards

NaviStone is a retargeting tool that leverages direct mail engage website visitors. NaviStone Personalized Postcards offers a turn-key Postcard program that allows you to reach out to prospects and existing customers via direct mail. Postcard content is tailored to the individual shopper based on their behavior on your website, and postcards can be mailed within 24-48 hours of the site visit.
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NaviStone Prospecting

NaviStone Prospecting provides a unique source of new names for your business based on meaningful visitor engagement with your brand on your website. In a privacy compliant way, NaviSonte will match 60-70% of site traffic to Postal names and addresses for use in your direct mail campaigns.
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NaviStone Reactivation

NaviStone Reactivation uncovers customers browsing your website who would not be selected to receive a direct mail piece based on traditional transaction data. When mailed, these active browsers perform significantly better than all other reactivation segments. You send us the house file names you plan to mail, and we send back highly productive, incremental segments to add to your campaign.
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