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Burlington, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Qstream has developed a high-performance mobile sales enablement platform that combines science and data analytics. The Qstream solution is used by leading global life sciences companies, as well as big names in technology, healthcare and financial services. The company is based outside Boston, MA, with additional locations in Hood River, OR and Dublin, Ireland.
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Products and Services

Qstream Coaching Hub

Qstream is a sales enablement solution that leverages gamification and powerful analytics to train sales teams on product knowledge. Built-in game, reputation and social mechanics include scoring, leader boards and integrated blogs, all designed to fuel positive competition. Comparing results over time and across groups helps sales managers to continuously monitor results, view team member strengths and proactively respond to issues before revenue is negatively impacted. Detailed reports highlight activity levels and opportunities drive smarter, more tailored sales coaching.
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