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Red Points

Barcelona, Spain
Company Overview
Red Points protects your brand and content in the digital environment. We are able to do this through our proprietary technology which employs machine learning algorithms to scan the internet and identify all violations and infringements. We then employ our technical and legal expertise to ensure that all infringing data is removed or deindexed. Finally, we provide full visibility and actionable intelligence to our clients through our real-time reporting tool.
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Products and Services


Red Points’ technology can detect and report infringements automatically, in a matter of hours. Red Points provides the power of a large search team and the knowledge of an experienced legal department; all available on your desktop 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the time and financial cost.
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Brand Protection

Red Points Brand Protection automate the detection, validation and enforcement of your intellectual property. Turn IP infringement on its head by gathering data and insights that will help your business.
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Online Distributor Compliance Software

Online Distributor Compliance (ODC) from Red Points enables brands worldwide to automate, manage and optimize distribution agreements efficiently. The new service enables businesses to proactively monitor online partner activities, harmonise distribution network and ultimately create more profitable relationships between product suppliers and distributors.
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