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Oakland, California, United States
Company Overview
ShopPad is an eCommerce technology company that develops feature-rich, easy-to-use online retail interfaces for mobile devices and tablets.
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Products and Services

Blog Studio

Blog Studio makes it easy to craft beautiful looking blog articles that live right on your Shopify store. Spruce up your existing articles or create new ones - Blog Studio is the missing editor for managing your Shopify blog. Regardless of the theme you use, you'll be crafting gorgeous articles in no-time with Blog Studio. Get creative with images, including parallax and animation effects, or hone your typography with over 600 fonts and many styling options.
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Bouncer is a Shopify solution to deter underage visitors to your store. Bouncer is a must-have if you sell beer, wine, spirits, tobacco, vaporizing products, adult materials or other age-restricted merchandise.
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Coin Currency Converter

Coin is a currency converter for Shopify that converts all of your product prices to your shopper's home currency either automatically based on their IP address, manually through the currency switcher, or both.
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Fablet is a mobile storefront solution for Shopify. Give your mobile shoppers a great experience that's optimized for their device.
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Infinite Options

Infinite Options is a Shopify solution that lets your shoppers select the product options for items they purchase with dropdown menus, swatches, text, number inputs, checkboxes, calendars, radio buttons and more.
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Kit Karts

Kit Karts is a shopping cart recovery solution. It automatically aggregates all abandoned carts from the previous day and notifies you through SMS with Kit. Simply respond ‘Yes' to have an emails generated and start recovering abandoned shoppers.
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Mesa is an automation solution for Shopify. Turn repeatable tasks into workflows that run in the cloud and automate marketing, service, sales, and all of the other processes that drive your online store, with no coding necessary. Mesa is made exclusively for stores on Shopify and integrates tightly with their platform, including; Shopify Plus, Point of Sale ("POS"), and Flow. Mesa also connects with popular Shopify apps like Klaviyo, Gorgias, ReCharge, Infinite Options, and many more.
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Page Studio

Page Studio is a page builder for Shopify, allowing users to design beautiful pages by dragging and dropping. Page Studio makes it easy to start creating any kind of Shopify page including email landing pages, "about" pages, homepages, "contact" pages, FAQ's, story pages and many more.
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Smile is a customer feedback collection solution for Shopify that allows your customers to use emojis as product reviews.
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Tracktor Order Tracking offers real time package tracking and order lookup for your store. Tracktor integrates with 1,000+ carriers across the globe, so you and your customers always know where each package is.
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Uploadery is a Shopify solution that gives your customers the ability to send files with their order.
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