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Trax Retail

Singapore, Singapore
Company Overview
Trax is the world leader in computer vision solutions for retail. Trax offers best-in-class in-store execution tools, market measurement services and data science solutions that are fundamentally transforming how in-store retail data is being collected, viewed and analyzed. With Trax, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers can improve product availability, reduce distribution gaps, identify category opportunities and increase their sales immediately.
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Products and Services

Shelf Intelligence Suite

Shelf Intelligence Suite by Trax and Nielsen delivers an integrated solution to continuously measure, optimize and activate your store strategy. CPG companies can now pinpoint exactly how specific shelf conditions, such as shelf placements, facings or adjacencies, influence sales. This new offering from Trax and Nielsen digitises the shelf, allowing brands to have a more frequent and accurate measurement of how their products are represented in store and how this influences their sales.
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Shelf Pulse

Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen for consumer goods companies delivers ongoing digitized measurement of in-store execution gaps, shelf compliance and competitive presence to maximize sales velocity. Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen is market measurement with a difference. Using shelf quality metrics and product sales, we provide a comprehensive and dynamic view of your category performance in all store panels. Leverage a single platform to elevate your shelf understanding.
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Trax IoT Suite

Trax’s Internet of Things suite empowers consumer goods companies and retailers with fully automated means of capturing shelf data so that front-line teams can drive high-impact activities. Powered by their breakthrough computer vision technology, only the best images captured by cameras are selected and sent to Trax cloud for analysis. From real-time monitoring and alerting to reporting, Trax’s innovative IoT solution gives you the flexibility to deploy and scale to your business needs. Choose the data collection tool best suited to your needs. Get complete coverage and insights from any combination of static cameras, Smart Cooler and robots
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Trax Retail Execution

Trax Retail Execution is a tool to analyze in-store merchandizing. When sales representatives send a photo of branded products to the Trax cloud, an actionable mobile report is sent to the representative.
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Trax Retail Watch

Trax Retail Watch is a store monitoring and intelligence platform that helps retailers discover what’s happening in the aisles, quickly mobilize store staff for immediate in-store action, and elevate the shopping experience. The shelf is arguably retail’s most powerful channel: Most decisions to purchase or switch brands are made by the shelf-edge. Trax Retail Watch is a cloud-based solution for retail executives to manage store execution strategically and increase operational efficiency while improving shopper conversion.
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