VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Software

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VoIP software is a cloud-based calling system that uses an IP network to transmit phone calls. It provides a central platform to manage inbound and outbound telephony operations and typically includes call routing, reporting with integration options for CRMs and ticketing systems.

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By eVoice
eVoice is a leading small business phone system that professionally and efficiently manages your calls. Get a virtual phone number (toll free or local) and let eVoice automatically answer and route calls any way you choose.
join.me is a conference call platform. It’s ideal for sales demos, idea generation, external presentations and ad hoc get-togethers. Keep a record of your meetings so you can go back and refer to them later, or share the recorded calls with absent pa...
By Line2
Line2 is a business phone service that lets you talk and text with the simplicity of an app. Pick a number that will work on every device and every network, then tailor and manage your business phone system to suit you and your team’s needs.
Tragofone - a white-label VoIP softphone backed by WebRTC and auto-provisioning is a perfect choice to maintain uninterrupted business communication anywhere, anytime. The app is all set to make communication a flawless process with a simple step to ...
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