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A data exchange provides access to data points from around the world to fuel data-driven marketing activities and advertising. With access to a DMP, you’re able to take previously outdated or unavailable data and use it to power your marketing campaigns.

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By Adobe
The Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op is a digital cooperative where participating customers share device link information. The Experience Cloud Device Co-op processes this data to form device clusters. These clusters represent a group of devices u...
By Astera
Astera EDIConnect is a complete electronic data interchange solution that simplifies the entire process of sending and receiving EDI transactions, right from mapping data to an EDI format to the validation of incoming files and acknowledgment generat...
TiVo’s Audience Management Platform empowers inventory owners to sell custom audiences that improve advertiser performance and are scalable and relevant. It leverages an end-to-end predictive analytics engine which processes raw data from millions of...
Beats is the platform for single-purpose data shippers. They install as lightweight agents and send data from hundreds or thousands of machines to Logstash or Elasticsearch. Elastic's Beats include Filebeat (for log files), Metricbeat (for metrics), ...
The Big Data Exchange (BDEX) is a real-time market-driven exchange platform offering instant access to consumer data.
CB Exchange Server Sync is the solution for secure synchronization and migration of data between Exchange Servers. It enables easy synchronization of multiple Outlook accounts hosted in Exchange Server or Office 365. You can choose one-way or two-way...
Data Loader for Marketo (DLM) is a powerful tool to allow you easily extract Marketo data and push it to your SQL Server.
GroundTruth's Data Offerings include Visitation Data, Audience Data, and Trade Area Data. With Visitation Data, you can see trends in visitation behavior at a granular level, understand cross shopping tendencies and how they change over time, and und...
DataLINK Taxonomy are customized model segments based on Dataline’s proprietary database and matched to a marketer's specific needs.
  Compare is a free tool that allows Salesforce users to import, export and delete an unlimited amount of data. You can login with your existing Salesforce credentials -- no need for additional user name, password or Salesforce security token. Wh...
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