Digital Asset Management platforms with Direct Mail functions

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Digital Asset Management platforms with Direct Mail functions allow teams to share resources across geographies, and include features for Direct Mail such as shared templates, distribution plans, product knowledge and other resources.

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By Marvia
DAM is an online digital asset management platform designed to make sure all your employees always have access to the latest, approved product images and logos.
Focus Point is a user-friendly, distributed all-in-one branded asset repository and information hub for local retailers, distributors, agents, sales reps, dealers, VARS, and franchisees. Purpose-built for excellence in partner management, the platfor...
MarketingBench is a marketing resource management platform that customizes, distributes and manages marketing assets for all kinds of distribution channels. The solution provides all of the relevant data from advertising, websites, landing pages, em...
Ontrack Workflow is a brand management platform enabling companies to administer and control their marketing and sales assets. Whomever they designate can personalize and order the specific assets or materials they need from what's been made availabl...
Control your marketing supply chain with the S4 Marketing Resource Center (MRC), a print-on-demand portal and ad builder. Easily deliver brand-right marketing campaigns consistently across all channels by closing the gap between corporate marketing c...
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