Social Media Reputation Management Tools

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Social Media Reputation Management tools enable marketers to protect their social media profiles and brands by monitoring and responding to inappropriate uses of brand name, logo or copyright.

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The Brandle Presence Manager is a SaaS solution that allows companies to discover, inventory, monitor and patrol their web and social presence giving marketers, risk managers, and legal teams the insight and control they need to ensure their brand is...
Listening247 is an AI powered 360 degree CX measurement tool that allows users to integrate social intelligence with survey responses, call centre recordings, and online community transcripts quickly. Utilize listening247 to evaluate brand reputation...
CX Reputation is an all-in-one platform for reputation management that monitors and analyzes a company’s, brand’s or product’s public ratings and review sites, turning them into actionable insights.
By Repuso
Repuso is a reputation management tool that shows your visitors satisfied testimonials from real people. Use Repuso to boost the conversion rate of your website.
SentiOne is an insightful social listening and online reputation management platform. Start social listening and get instant access to real-time and historical data. The possibilities of online media monitoring are unlimited, and so is the number of ...
Digital Air Strike's Social Logix is a social marketing and reputation management solution. Social Logix gives businesses an unfair digital advantage to help maximize social media, protect and improve their online reputation and reach new customers a...
STARS is a reputation management platform that provides one central location for tracking and managing business listings, ratings, and reviews for franchises, chains, and agencies of all sizes.
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