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Business Strategy Training tools enable senior managers to use simulations to test theories, make decisions and simulate marketing scenarios on all aspects of the business.

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The Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation (BOSS) is business software that allows students and professionals to test new strategies and methods while respecting market realities. It's a game in which participants work in teams to manage a fictitious B2C com...
BrandPRO is a business simulation game in which participants must develop sound strategies for two brands over 5 simulated years, and get ahead of two virtual but fierce competitors. Totally web-based and paperless, BrandPRO is intuitive and easy to ...
Crowd Wisdom is a learning management system with features for business associations, for non-profits and for K-12 educational programs. Platform includes a system to learners with a clear career path through a Crowd Wisdom integration with YM Career...
Markstrat is a strategic marketing simulation game for B2B and B2C students and professionals. Test theories, make decisions and simulate marketing scenarios on all aspects of the business, from competitive forces to the effects of sales, distributio...
MC | LMS, the full-scale Learning Management System (LMS) from MemberClicks, gives business associations and membership groups the opportunity to affordably and easily deliver valuable content and streamline the certification process for members.
MixPRO is marketing mix simulation software. Useful for students as well as professionals, MixPRO guides an ideal marketing mix tactic for up to two brands with the objective to get ahead of virtual but fierce competitors. Using comprehensive informa...
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