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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Aqfer offers a next-generation data platform solution.
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Products and Services

Aqfer Data Lake (aDL)

Aqfer Data Lake includes managed services for data integration, data distribution, data analytics, and predictive analytics.
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aqfer Graph (aG)

aqfer Graph is a Customer Data Platform that merges data across multiple channels to create a single view of customers. aqfer Graph has a robust storage mechanism for maintaining relationships between households, people, their accounts and contact mechanisms, their devices and user agents, as well as their network addresses, geographic locations, and organizations.
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Aqfer IO (aIO)

Aqfer IO is a highly scalable real-time marketing data API. aqfer.IO provides real time access to your data stored in IMDS (In-Memory DataStore), DBDS (Disk-Backed DataStore) and aqfer GraphDS
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aqfer MDP

Aqfer MDP (Marketing Data Platform) is a data and technology agnostic SaaS offering for the big data marketing challenge. By ingesting and harmonizing raw 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data as it arrives, the aqfer MDP makes data quickly available for attribution, segmentation, and activation utilizing any tool.
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Aqfer Tag Manager (aTM)

aTM (aqfer Tag Manager) is a sixth generation enterprise tag management service designed to gather data, manage identity, and integrate with ecosystem partners under your domain and your terms,
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