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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Company Overview
BroadSign is an ad tech company that provides cloud-based software to digital signage and digital out-of-home media owners and operators.
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Products and Services

BroadSign Core

BroadSign Core streamlines your digital signage management workflow. Rules-based automation enables playlist-free content distribution, Broadsign's self-healing platform avoids the need for costly field technicians, and their commitment to scalability enables you to grow your network with ease.
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BroadSign Creator

BroadSign Creator a digital signage tool that enables templated content creation for worldwide teams or affiliates. BroadSign Creator allows local representatives to customize content for their immediate environment, while maintaining network‑wide specifications. Build dynamic and responsive content that uses HTML5 templates, adaptable to every screen resolution.
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BroadSign Serv Direct

BroadSign Serv Direct is digital signage sales software that streamlines workflow by eliminating spreadsheets, allowing your sales team to instantly surface the details matching client requirements.
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BroadSign Serv SSP

BroadSign Serv SSP is a supply-side platform customized for digital signage advertising, helping you to cut through the noise and increase your campaign's impact.
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Campsite offers premium digital out-of-home inventory through a self-serve programmatic platform. Launched in 2016, Campsite’s core mission is to connect buyers and suppliers in an environment specifically designed for DOOH. Campsite was acquired by Broadsign in 2019, and operates as a division of Broadsign.
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