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Sunnyvale, California, United States
Company Overview
CleverTap offers mobile analytics and engagement solutions designed to help mobile app marketers get deep insights into user behavior and accurately segment their users. CleverTap makes it possible to push engaging, personalized messages based on user activity. CleverTap is a WizRocket company with locations across Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and India.
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Products and Services


CleverTap unifies deep-rooted analytics based on behavioral segmentation with hyper-targeted engagement through one platform that guarantees personalized user experiences to build a loyal customer base. Among its features are Behavioral Segmentation to identify users based on any defined activity, date range or other attribute; Live User Segments to add users to a pre-defined segment when their behavior matches the criteria; Past Behavior segments sorted by activity type for any historic date range.
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CleverTap Introduces Live User Segments – an Industry First Approach for Analyzing User Behavior in Mobile Apps

CleverTap, a leader in mobile analytics and engagement, announced Live User Segments, a new capability for evaluating a user’s behavior as it happens in an app. Live User Segments run continuously and act like a real-time filter on a user’s behavior. Users are dynamically added to segments the momen...

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