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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
DataFox provides a lead intelligence platform for sales and research professionals. The platform applies data science to automate the tedious labor of discovering new prospects, gathering business intelligence, and identifying timely sales triggers.
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Products and Services

Company Signals

DataFox Company Signals identifies and delivers radar signals on key accounts that are most likely to drive your business forward. Miss no signals with DataFox, which aggregates 100,000+ new signals every week. Choose from 68 signal types to craft your own custom alerts.
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Conference Intelligence

Conference Intelligence by DataFox reveals which industry events and trade shows attended by thousands of your potential customers. Identify prospect-rich conferences to attend, and use DataFox conference intelligence to unlock contact information and company signals to personalize outreach and schedule face-to-face time during key events.
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DataFox Account Scoring

DataFox Account Scoring helps businesses and financial firms find and prioritize their best-fit targets.
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Datafox Data Cleanse and Enrich

Data Cleanse and Enrich is an advanced platform that can repair and improve a company's CRM data. With DataFox, organizations can keep their CRM clean and up-to-date with relevant, detailed, conversation-worthy updates so sales teams can maintain relationships with thousands of accounts.
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DataFox Prospecting Platform

DataFox Prospecting Platform helps B2B companies to target the right accounts at the right time and keep databases up-to-date throughout the customer lifecycle. With DataFox, consolidate and collaborate with all B2B company data, contact details, and signals in one powerful platform.
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