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dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions

Coimbatore, India
Company Overview
dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions provide ad serving software and standalone applications to the advertising companies to set up an independent ad network or to enhance the existing online advertising business. Our products enable the advertisers, publishers and ad agency to run their ad campaigns successfully in a display, mobile and video platforms with IAB standard sizes and ad formats of image, text and video. Our primary Ad Server products are Mobile, Video, Enterprise, Premium Display Adserver, Native Advertising, and Adserver for Agencies and Publishers.
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Products and Services

dJAX Ad Server for Agencies

The dJAX ad server for agencies provides simple ad serving solution to the advertising agencies by allowing them to set up an independent ad network that can simplify the ad operations for all users in the network. The ad network allows users to manage report and serve digital ad campaigns for all ad formats and its targeting feature will deliver the ads to the right audience in real time.
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dJAX DMP Manager

dJAX DMP Manager is a data management platform. By using dJAX DMP Manager, Marketers, Publishers and Agencies can focus on improving customer experience across channels and turn user data into valuable business insights for better and higher ROI. Our DMP Manager offers customizable solutions helping businesses in the AdTech industry with data-driven marketing and advertising. It also offers the MarTech industry an edge over data-driven personalization to accomplish their goals with ease.
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dJAX Enterprise Ad Server

The enterprise ad server allows online advertising companies to start their independent ad network to run advertising business. It helps users to deliver the ads in websites, mobile devices, and online video platforms using a single server. It supports IAB standard ad sizes for media platforms like display, mobile, and video. The dJAX enterprise ad server package includes a dJAX Professional Ad Server, SSP and DSP integrated XML feed features and Affiliate features and In-game ad plugin.
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dJAX Mobile Ad Server

The dJAX mobile ad server is specifically designed for mobile advertisers and publishers. It involves buying and selling of digital ad inventories using real-time biding and targeting. The mobile ad server delivers the ads in android and ios mobiles and tablets, and it supports IAB standard ad sizes.
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dJAX Native Adserver

The dJAX Native Adserver, an native advertising platform is a division of content marketing where the posted advertisement will match exactly with the editorial content published in the website. It conveys the absolute brand message to the audience without interrupting the browsing speed.
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dJAX Video Ad Server

The dJAX video ad server sets up an individual ad network, which helps publishers to search and sell ad spaces to advertisers for serving their ads. The ads delivered by the video ad server follow the targeting models set up by the advertisers or agency, and the publisher will display the delivered ads in their website.
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