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Finteza Ltd

Limassol, Cyprus
Company Overview
Finteza Ltd. team comprises of high-quality developers and specialists from all over the world with a diverse professional background. The deep expertise and passion of our employees helps companies around the globe keep moving towards their business success. Our major development is the Finteza system, a revolutionary service in the market of web analytics and online advertising. Advanced big data processing algorithms, multi-step traffic quality evaluation, ultimate visual reporting tools among other functions make this system stand out from the crowd of similar solutions existing in the market.
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Products and Services

Finteza Multi-Purpose Advertising Engine

The Finteza Multi-Purpose Advertising Engine enables advertisers to launch banners, landing pages and any graphical/text blocks via a single interface with maximum benefit. Bypass ad blockers using data proxy and increase banner display up to 50%. Sell advertising zones, create advertising networks and analyze growth points using comprehensive reports. Powerful analytics from Finteza allows you to track data by visitors in 10 reports which provide an accurate portrait of your target audience. Find out detailed info on impressions, clicks and CTR. Compare advertisements, disable ineffective banners in a timely manner, add new materials and track the user reaction, in an effort to increase profit.
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Finteza Website and Application Analytics

Finteza website and application analytics is a tool for marketing data analytics. Advanced botnet analysis, complex user behavior analysis, accurate tracking technology and unique accounting algorithms enable Finteza to detect low-quality traffic.
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