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Gale Force Digital Technologies

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
Company Overview
Gale Force Digital Technologies is a software development company that specializes in providing superior software and internet marketing solutions for ad agencies, internet marketing, multi-location outlets and franchise groups.
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Products and Services


AdForce is a demand-side platform (DSP) that allows users to purchase inventory through programmatic advertising, a form of digital advertising that places image and video ads on over 95% of places ads appear, delivering your messages to target audiences through premium, brand-safe publishers.
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ClickForce is a paid search engine marketing (PPC) software that manages campaigns across all major search engines. ClickForce tracks phone calls, emails, form submissions, and other web events (such as online orders) back to the keywords that generated them. Armed with this valuable data, ClickForce takes it one step further by using the data to automatically optimize for the keywords that are generating the best results. One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is paying too much for the first ad position. ClickForce optimizes bids and positions in order to generate the most results at the lowest cost. ClickForce can even record calls for ensuring quality in customer service.
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LocalForce is a local search engine optimization application designed to build a vast online presence for any business and maximize its online visibility. Improve your rankings in organic results, directory listings, and online map listings quickly and with minimal time investment.
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SocialForce is a social media management tool that allows users to manage online profiles at scale. SocialForce customers have access to detailed analytics and reporting that help them keep KPIs in line with goals and hit various milestones. Aside from analytics and scalable campaigns, SocialForce offers clients the ability to schedule posts in advance and simultaneously across multiple storefronts. Built-in organizational technology and an intuitive interface help to streamline the scheduling process and track content efficiently.
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