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Sandpoint, Idaho, United States
Company Overview
Kochava is a mobile attribution and analytics platform that provides users with metrics to understand their user acquisition activities and make informed decisions about UA investments. Founded in Sandpoint, Idaho, in 2011, Kochava provides users with an in-app SDK or a server-to-server API, a specialized account manager, and ensured data security and privacy to maximize Kochava's efficiency and reliability.
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Products and Services


Kochava is a mobile measurement platform that offers universal measurement and omnichannel attribution in one convenient place. View omnichannel campaign performance across your entire media mix. Kochava consolidates cross-device and omnichannel data into one SDK benefiting both developers and marketers while delivering robust user-level attribution.
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Kochava Collective

The Kochava Collective is the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace, with more than 3.1 billion profiles that can be activated across all major platforms, networks and DSPs. Kochava created Audience Insights to enable marketers to target their ads more effectively, but it provides great value to advertisers and publishers, alike.
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XCHNG is an open and unified blockchain-based framework for the digital advertising ecosystem. Designed and deployed by Kochava Labs SEZC, the XCHNG framework is centered around a common Ricardian Smart Contract with an open blockchain implementation to persist transactional history and provide supporting utilities required for maximizing efficiency through the lifecycle of the insertion order. XCHNG enables the related targeting and activation of audiences, bolsters ad-spend efficiency and transparency, establishes a next-generation system of record for all participants, and provides the opportunity to tokenize the framework to treat digital as a true asset class, standardizing the valuation of ads.
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